reading my work, AWP, and forbidden notebooks.

February 2023

solitude, urban loneliness, and authors who translate themselves.

January 2023

book pre-orders, female middle-age, and german translations.

December 2022

a year end wrap-up.
thoughts on authenticity, creativity under a digital gaze, and what I've been reading lately.

November 2022

Thoughts about micropress publication & Grand Hotel by Vicki Baum.

October 2022

what I've been reading lately.

September 2022

thoughts on tiktok, romanticizing your life, my new book, and what I've been reading lately.

August 2022

thoughts on reading slowly and the diary of a provincial lady

July 2022

a writer's life vs career & book review of compartment no. 6
Recently, the video of Alien Ant Farm’s cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” was making the rounds on Twitter accompanied by the tweet: “back…

June 2022

Yesterday, I went to the beach with my partner, a book, and a few cans of Chenin Blanc. It was warm enough to swim in the ocean, which means summer is…